About Us

Mission and Vision

The summary of our objectives is:  Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.

In fulfilling our vision through service and obedience within the Drouin and surrounds district, we aim to:

  • teach and apply God’s Word, the Bible, faithfully and practically, so that Christians may become mature in Christ, living a holy life;
  • worship God in ways which honour Him in all areas of life and, particularly when gathering as His people, worship in ways in which all ages can participate;
  • devote ourselves to one another as a local Church community through corporate gatherings and small group ministries;
  • equip and enable one another to serve God in all areas of the community and beyond;
  • reach out to those who do not yet know Jesus through proclaiming and living the gospel; and
  • engage in social witness, demonstrating God’s love and righteousness in both words and actions.


In pursuing our mission, we seek to:

  • prayerfully depend at all times on God’s provision and leading;
  • be aware of the culture in which we minister; and
  • be prepared to take bold steps to fulfil this mission in the Drouin and surrounds area and to the ends of the earth.


In serving and obeying God faithfully, it is our prayer that:

  • God will be glorified;
  • lives will be changed according to the pattern of Christ’s life;
  • there will be growth and maturity within the church;
  • we will love and honour God as we thankfully receive and enjoy His blessings;
  • the unsaved will come to faith in Christ;
  • we will have an effect in changing society’s values for good;
  • ministry/mission workers will be sent out from our congregation;
  • more churches will be planted.